You can set up webhooks to receive a HTTP request every time an email is saved.

Register your webhook endpoint in the settings:

Register your webhook endpoint in the settings

# Receive webhook

For each registered webhook, MailDeveloper sends a HTTP POST request to the specified endpoint. The request includes a unique webhook ID. See sample of the request payload below. The request has a 2 second timeout, during which the endpoint should reply with status 200.

  "webhook_id": "{webhook_id}",
  "token": "{token}"

Property Explanation
webhook_id Unique ID for retrieving webhook contents.
token A randomly generated token.

# Retrieve webhook contents

After receiving the POST request, the next step is to receive the webhook contents by sending a GET request like below. Note that webhooks expire after 10 minutes, after which their contents can't be fetched anymore.

curl https://maildeveloper.com/webhook/{webhook_id}?token={token}
  "eventType": "emailSave",
  "emailId": "rWXkQZ",
  "emailName": "Newsletter Q1",
  "revisionHtml": "<!DOCTYPE...",
  "revisionIndex": 14

Property Explanation
eventType Static value, always "emailSave".
emailId Unique ID of the email which was saved.
emailName Textual name of the email which was saved.
revisionHtml HTML for the email which was saved.
revisionIndex Sequential numerical index of the revision. It can be used to compare which revision is the newest (larger number means newer revision).


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