# Add a font from Google Fonts

Make sure your active element is the root Email, and scroll down to the Webfonts-area.

Click on Search fonts... and begin typing to search for fonts from the Google Fonts directory.

Click on a font to add it.

# Add a custom webfont

Click on Add manually. Then supply the CSS Font Family (as it'd be defined in CSS) and the URL (URL of CSS file to load into the email).

# Using a webfont

After adding a webfont, you can find it from any Font Family -field under Presets:

# Graceful fallback for unsupported clients

When you add webfonts in as described in this page, MailDeveloper will automatically wrap your webfont definitions in a conditional block, which makes the fallback to a system font on clients that don't support webfonts. This affects some Outlook-versions mostly.

Without this fallback mechanism those clients would default to Times New Roman when they encounter a webfont. Luckily you don't have to worry about implementing a fallback yourself; MailDeveloper does it for you.

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