# Create an API key

In order to use the REST API, you must create an API key. If you haven't already, create one in the settings:

Create an API key

# Authorization

All API requests must be authenticated by adding an Authorization header. The value must be your API key.

# GET /emails

This endpoint returns a list of emails for your account.

Example request:

curl -H 'Authorization: your_api_key_here' https://maildeveloper.com/api/v1/emails?allFolders=true

Example response:

  "emails": [
    { "id": "qYZL9gnl", name: "Email 1" },
    { "id": "OG5iXgpo", name: "Email 2" },

Query parameters:

Parameter Required Description
allFolders Yes Must be set to true.
limit No Limit the amount of emails to return. Default is 100. Maximum value is 1000.

# GET /emails/{id}/html

This endpoint returns the exported HTML of an email.

Example request:

curl -H 'Authorization: your_api_key_here' https://maildeveloper.com/api/v1/emails/qYZL9gnl/html

Example response:

  "html": "<!DOCTYPE..."

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