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What makes MailDeveloper different

Not a dumb drag'n'drop editor

Typically email builders are collections of somewhat customizable modules that can be stacked on top of each other. Contrarily, MailDeveloper is a collection of elements you can arrange in any way you want, creating the structure of the email as you need it.

An advanced builder, for developers who need full control.

Common elements

Emails consist of common elements, such as text, images, columns and buttons. MailDeveloper includes all these and more, in bulletproof HTML.

Need something custom? Add your own HTML.

Complete control

Write custom CSS, it will be inlined upon exporting. Add custom HTML if you need to.

Scripting! Also write custom JavaScript to execute upon exporting, allowing you to 100% control the output HTML so it can be imported to any service without extra steps.

Reduce human error

Tired of repeating font declarations? Ever forgot to remove cellpadding? MailDeveloper takes care of all this and more.

Looking at you, mso-line-height-rule!

Export bulletproof HTML

Instantly grab bulletproof HTML. Every email is revision-based, simply revert back to an earlier version. Send test emails straight from the editor.

Webhooks! Enable webhooks and sync your emails when they are saved.

Questions & Answers

Who is MailDeveloper for?

HTML email developers, be it for personal use, work, or resale.

Does MailDeveloper work for any normal email design?

Yes. Due to allowing you to structure the email as you want, any layout is possible.

Do I need to test the output with Litmus/EmailOnAcid/etc.?

No, generally not. The structures and elements created by MailDeveloper work nicely in all major clients and most non-major ones aswell.

If you still want to test, you can easily send a test email to any email address (e.g. Litmus) straight from the editor.

Read more about email client support.

How do I benefit from using MailDeveloper?

Aside from reducing the need to test, MailDeveloper will also reduce email development time and human error and increase developer happiness.

Does MailDeveloper support my templating language?

Sure! You can input any text you want into values and attributes and it will be untouched when exporting.

New! There's also built-in support for several ESPs.

MailChimp Campaign Monitor HubSpot

If that's not enough, use custom JavaScript to implement more complex templating syntax.

Read more about ESP support or custom JavaScript.

What if I’m still unsure?

We have an online demo, go ahead and try it out. We also have a free plan to get started with.



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What our customers say:

Just used @maildeveloper to knock out the email templates for a web app...
in 30 minutes. An excellent product!

I would like to thank you for a beautiful product, MailDeveloper. Our complete marketing team just shifted from manual mail development to your tool and it is a real big time saver. (Oh how we love the integrated Javascript! :D)

Your tool is amazing though! There is no editor out there that gives you full control and it complies with almost every email client.

Thanks for providing a great tool!

Just wanted to say what a fantastic product!

I am really enjoying MailDeveloper so far.

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