Background images & more!

Published at 2015/12/21

Holiday season is almost here, but that doesn't stop us from shipping!

Here's a quick update to showcase what's new.



Background images & new template

We've added the ability to add a background image to any content table. The biggest problem with this is Outlook, but it can be made tolerable using some VML, which MailDeveloper does automatically. Our docs-article covers this in more detail:

Read more about background images.



MailChimp & HubSpot controls

After initial hesitation we've decided to release ESP-specific controls to make creating editable templates dead-simple. The first two services to be supported are MailChimp and HubSpot. There will be even more, so let us know your preferred service!

Read more about ESP support.



Color palette

It's now very easy to work with email-specific colors in the editor. On any color input, hovering over the color preview block shows a palette of the colors in the email. This way it's easy to keep everything consistent.



Other fixes & improvements

As usual, there's more to this update. Here's a list of other fixes and improvements that are now live.

  • Image dimensions are no longer in pixels, which is better for client compatibility
  • Fix a bug on iPad where email is not full width
  • Buttons can now easily be vertically aligned in their container
  • Account-page shows last logins with IP addresses



More is coming!

We have a big list of things to release in 2016. We'll get back to shipping features in January. As always, if you have feedback, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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