No longer in beta - New features!

Published at 2015/11/16

We're really excited to announce that MailDeveloper is no longer in beta. This means paid subscriptions along with a lot of new features.

Here are a few highlights of the new features to help working with the editor.



Custom JavaScript

You can now write custom JavaScript to execute upon exporting HTML. This allows for 100% customizable output straight from the editor, meaning you can easily create templates that can be exported straight into third-party tools, such as ESP's.

Read more about custom JavaScript.




It is now possible to temporarily copy elements in the tree view, and paste them elsewhere. Clipboard is shared across tabs, so this makes it easy to utilize a master template from where modules can be easily copied to new templates.




MailDeveloper has always been revision-based. That is, it's been possible to compare HTML changes for different revisions (i.e. versions, saves) of emails. Now it is also possible to browse these revisions visually and revert back to an older version.



Other improvements

That's not all there is to this update. Here's a couple of other improvements we've done to the editor:

  • Editable alt-attribute for images
  • Editable title-tag
  • Interface design improvements
  • A bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements



More is coming!

This release marks the official version of MailDeveloper. We are constanly working on improving the editor even further. If you have feedback, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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